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We have started our Telemedicine Centre in the year 2003 and we are getting good results.

We have the state-of-art infrastructure in our Telemedicine Centre and have tie-ups with Apollo Health Street Ltd., Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Shankara Netralaya, Chennai, Narayan Hridyalaya, Bangalore and Wockhardt Hospital, Bangalore. Through Telemedicine we can send all the diagnosis report to super specialists, consultants and receive the report through Telemedicine gadgets at our place and also through video conferencing we can talk to the patient and also discuss the ailment of the patient.

Telemedicine is very suitable in the state of Madhya Pradesh which is having scarce resources and demographical & geographical variations. Either there is no hospital building or existing hospital building where the availability of doctors is very rare and where patients are very poor they can be benefited by the technology of Telemedicine/E Medicine.

The Tele Medicine node can be established in such places and our team of technical staff can be stationed there and the patient who are coming to our Telemedicine can express their problems/disease/report to the doctor at our hospital and doctor can prescribe the required medicines to the patient.

Our Telemedicine unit is well equipped with the equipments of Telepathology, Teleradiology & Telecardiology, in which the diagnostic investigations reports can be sent to the concerned specialists.