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Department of Blood Blank

Name of department – M.P. Birla Blood Bank & Priyamvada Birla Institute of Transfusion Science

Department Consultants and Team –

Dr. N.P. Tiwari ( M.B.B.S. , M.D. Pathology)
Consultant Pathology, Blood Bank & Histopathology
Mr. Vinod Pratap Singh (Technical Supervisor & Coordinator)
Mr. Alok Ranjan (Technical Supervisor)
Mr.Chandan Jha (Blood Bank Technician)
Mr. Bipin Patel (Blood Bank Technician)
Mr. Ashish Choubey (Jr. Blood Bank Technician)

Blood Donate

The transfusion science and blood bank wing of the hospital is one of the finest in a class of its own and central India also. It is a specialty and calibrated Department equipped with modern technology. There is separate section for each procedure and tests like STI tests and serology section. Our endeavor will be to provide state of art practice and cutting edge standard of transfusion medicine and cellular therapies including measures of quality control to optimize patient and donor care and safety.

Facilities –

  • Whole blood donation
  • Blood component preparation
  • 100% air lock premises
  • 100% air pack system for blood separation and blood transfusion
  • Well equipped quality control laboratory
  • Aphaeresis procedure for various therapies and procedures

Procedure -
Whole blood component preparation

  • Human red blood corpuscles
  • Leuko depleted red blood corpuscles
  • Pediatric human red blood corpuscles (various amount like 100ml,200ml,300ml)
  • Platelet concentrate
  • Leuco depleted Pooled platelets
  • Fresh frozen plasma
  • Factor VIII poor plasma
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Platelet aphaeresis
  • Plasma aphaeresis

Blood safety work up

  • Confirmation of blood groups and their sub groups by automated gel method
  • STI test of each unit of blood by ELISA 4th generation
  • Ph and 2-3 DPG level control of every blood unit
  • Color codes for blood group and requirement
  • Daily temperature sheet for temperature monitor to each blood component storage
  • Quality assurance
  • Good manufacturing protocol
  • Validation program for equipment and process

Equipment –

  • Automated blood donor couch
  • Automated blood bag weighing machine
  • Gel system for blood group and cross match
  • Aphaeresis machine (cell separator)
  • Gel blood grouping system
  • Laboratory refrigerator with temperature monitor
  • Rh view box with temperature control
  • Automated ELISA reader and washer
  • Hot air oven and incubator
  • Blood storage cabinet 600 unit capacity
  • Platelet agitator cum incubator
  • Deep freezer
  • Ultra low freezer
  • Refrigerator centrifuge
  • Laminar air flow
  • Plasma extractor
  • Ph meter
  • Coagulo meter
  • Colori meter
  • Cell counter
  • Autoclave unit


In the total 40 cases of single donar platelets we got 75% cases response upto 2.5 lakh/µl platelet counts till now is the biggest achievement to get raised patients platelet count in our blood bank.