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Department of Dentistry

Department Name: Dental

Department Consultants & Team:

* Dr. Mongia Jai Prakash (Panel Consultant Orthodontics)

Consultant Orthodontist, Cosmetic Oral & Dental Surgeon, Clinical Secretary and HOD

* Dr. Swati Singh


* Pradeep Saket

Dental Assistant

Department Specialties:


The Dental wing of the hospital is one of the finest in a class of its own. It is a Super specialty Department equipped with two modern Dental chair units, X-ray facility, mini Dental lab and latest updated equipment’s. There is a separate, well ventilated, waiting room for the patients with the various educational displays. The faculty is expertise to treat, efficiently, the various Oral and Dental problems.


  1. Dental Consultation
  2. Orthodontic Consultation
  3. Maxillofacial Consultation
  4. Oncologist Consultation
  5. Dental X-rays and Special X-rays of Jaws and face
  6. Panoramic X-rays(OPG)
  7. All Dental Treatment Procedures(Minor and Major)
  8. Smile designing
  9. Total Rehabilitation


Various procedures are carried out in the department involving different fields of dentistry:-


  1. Extraction of teeth & root pieces under L.A. and G.A.
  2. Open extractions
  3. Surgical removal of impacted teeth & root pieces
  4. Third molar surgeries
  5. Alveoloplasty
  6. Management of jaw fracture
  7. Treatment of oral pathologic conditions
  8. Incisional and Excisional Biopsies


  1. Root canal treatment
  2. Apicoectomy
  3. POST & CURE build up


  1. Restoration of carious teeth
  2. Pulp capping
  3. Cosmetic restorations


  1. Oral Prophylaxis and Polishing
  2. Frenectomy
  3. Curettage for pocket in gums
  4. Gingivectomy
  5. Splinting of loose teeth


  1. Replacement of missing teeth with REMOVAL & FIXED Partial Dentures
  2. Complete dentures
  3. Implants (Introducing Soon)


  1. Routine Minor Surgical Procedures
  2. Flouride application
  3. Space maintainer


  1. Removable appliance
  2. Myofunctional therapy and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  3. Headgear therapy with splints
  4. Begg appliance
  5. Pre adjusted Edgewise appliance
  6. Tip edge appliance
  7. Ceramic pre adjusted edgewise appliance
  8. Lingual orthodontic appliance
  9. Treatment of Cleft Lip and Palate Patients
  10. Orthognathic Surgical Treatment


  1. Two fully operable well equipped Dental Chair Units
  2. Light Cure unit
  3. Air polisher
  4. Two dental Scaler unit
  5. Micromotor unit
  6. UV Sterilizer Cabinet
  7. Autoclave unit
  8. Hot water Sterilizer
  9. Spot welder
  10. Cotton rolls dispenser
  11. Gloves dispenser
  12. Tissue wipes dispenser
  13. Model Trimmer
  14. High Suction system (external)
  15. LPG gas burner for Lab work
  16. Two PC with LAN networking
  17. Acrylic Trimmer and Polishing Lathe


Professional Memberships

  1. Life Member – Indian Orthodontic Society.
  2. Life Member – Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.
  3. Member – Indian Dental Association.

Various IOS, IDA and CME/CDE activities…

  1. Various National Conferences and Post graduate student’s Conventions attended.
  2. Distraction Osteogenesis symposium, Dharwad.
  3. Photography Course, Belgaum and Dharwad.
  4. Co-convener in the scientific organizing committee of 1st Central India & 24th M.P. State Dental Conference at Jabalpur.
  5. Vice President of Jabalpur IDA branch from 2004 onwards.
  6. Founding Secretary of Satna Dentists’ Association, Satna (M.P.)
  7. Lectured on "In Focus – Dentistry" at M.P.Birla Hospital, Satna as Continuing Medical Education Programme.
  8. President – Jabalpur IDA 2010-11.
  9. Founding President – Indian Dental Association, Satna (M.P.)
  10. Scientific Convenor – 27th Annual Conference of Indian Radilological and Imaging Association, M.P. State chapter
  11. Chairman – Trade in 46th Indian Orthodontic Conference, Khajuraho, 2011.
  12. Elected as Executive Committee Member of Indian Orthodontic Society 2011-12.
  13. Appointed as Clinical Secretary at M.P.Birla Hospital, Satna.
  14. Vice President – IDA M.P.State Office

Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities…

  1. Patron Member – AADHAR (NGO, Bhopal, M.P.)
  2. Art of Living Course – Basic by Dr. Anuj Shrivastav C/0 Shri Ravi Shankar.