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Department of Oncology

Department Consultants & Team :

Team :

  • Dr. Sandeep Kapoor Verma
  • Dr. Malti Bhagat
  • Mrs. Mani Maghlai
  • Mr. Anshu Sharma
  • Mr. Deepak Singh

Department Specialists :

Here at PBCRI we provide comprehensive Cancer Care including Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy at affordable prices. This state of the art unit under the auspices of MP Birla institute of fundamental Research is an ideal example for rural health care model since its inception. Besides evidence based multidisciplinary approach for cancer patient we also provide palliative care and pain management to ameliorate the suffering of cancer patient. Mentioned, are the facilities available at our institute.

Facilities :

  • Onco Surgery
  • Radiation Oncology
  • External Beam Therapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Chemotherapy ( Medical Management)
  • Radio Diagnosis & Imaging
  • Virtual Simulator
  • Treatment Planning System
  • Mould Room Chemotherapy ( Medical Management

Procedures :

External Beam Radiotherapy:-

  • Linear accelerator with photon and electron energies
  • Dedicated CT Simulator for radiotherapy planning.
  • High end software and computers for precise radiotherapy planning viz coherence contouring station, Prowess planning system (3D TPS).
  • Sophisticated and precise Quality assurance instrument and procedures

Brachytherapy :-

  • Flexitron brachytherapy Machine
    This machine is first to be installed in south East Asia with state of the art remote afterloading system having unique feature of miniature cobalt source. It has got 40 channels for treatment delivery. It can be used for long term, at least 5 years with single source as oppose to other brachytherapy machine which have iridium source with short half life. This feature makes it at par with other brachytherapy machine across the continent.
  • CT Based dedicated Flexiplan system for 2D and 3D brachytherapy planning.
  • Various sophisticated applicators for brachytherapy procedures.

Chemotherapy :-

  • Well equipped Chemotherapy ward is fully Air Conditioned with all advanced facilities.
  • Ward is differentiated into Indoor, Day-Care & Neutropenia units.
  • Ward is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilators and monitors with modular pressure transducer system.
  • Well equipped with centrally oxygen and suction.


Linear Accelerator

PRIMUS is a linear accelerator offering a compact design and prepared to deliver the most advanced treatment techniques.

This machine is equipped with a Magnetron (6 MV Photon) and 6 energies (5,7, 8,10,12,14 MeV) of electrons.

Radiotherapy equipments such as Linear accelerator with 2D facility, CT simulator and also Medical Physics equipments 3D computerized treatment planning system (3DTPS), RFA and radiation dosimeters


The Flexitron remote Afterloading system enables an operator to apply by remote control a radionuclide source (Flexisource) of different isotopes into the body, or to the surface of the body for radiation therapy.

The Flexitron is intended to used in combination with applicators which make it suitable for intracavity, interstitial, intralumenary, bronchial, endovascular, intra-operative and surface brachytherapy.

The flexitron is intended to beused for medical procedures on patients to be prescribed and performed by a suitably trained and certified professional user.

  • 30%-50% shorter treatment time
  • Simultaneous control of 1 or 2 sources & dummy drive
  • 400 steps of 1mm per channel
  • 400 mm treatment window per channel
  • Single or double energy
  • Ir 192 /Co/YB 169
  • 40 channels
  • Maintenance free drives
  • High stability
  • Dicom-RT Plan compatible
  • Improved safe applicators
  • Improved safe source design


  • PBCRI started in 22 AUG 2008
  • Started Marketing of Hospital Facilities in 10 Years and recruitment of Doctors/staff in different departments.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification of Hospital ( PBCRI ) in 2009
  • Late Mr Jagjeet Singh Singing Program for helping of Cancer Patient (Sham E Gazal)
  • Hospital recognised under BPL Scheme ( State Govt Recognition)
  • MoU with Fujitsu Labs of America in 2010 in Clinical Research works.
  • MoU with Weill Cornell University in 2011 in Clinical Research works
  • MoU with Plymouth University UK in 2011. in Clinical Research works
  • MoU with IRTHD New Delhi in 2012 in Women Empowerment and CSR areas.
  • MoU with Chitrakoot University in 2013.
  • MoU with AKS University in 2013.
  • UICC certification of PBCRI in 2013.
  • NABH documentation and Implementation started in 2013.
  • Pre Assessment done in 2014.