24 Hrs Emergency Helpline
07672 - 257412, 257412, 9522233700

Department of Pain clinic & Critical Care

Department Consultants & team:
Dr. Ankita Singh (Panel Consultant)
Mr. R. K. Tiwari (OT Technician)

Department Specialties


Pain clinic- The purpose of pain clinic is to help our patients in every way we can. We help people to manage their pain and resume more normal productive lives. Our goal is to identify the source of pain, alleviate or else the pain and tech you to manage it so you return to a normal, productive life style as soon as possible.


  • Anaesthesia for all type of cases (ASAI-ASAIV)
  • Different type or regional blocks
  • Nerve block with peripheral nerve stimulators
  • Post operative analgesia with syringe pump
  • Critical care facility with ventilatory support and ACLS with Defibrillator


  • Pain less labour and delivery
  • Caudal epidural and thoracic epidural block
  • SI joint block and facet block
  • High risk anaesthesia and ventilator support
  • Transferamilal block for back pain


  • Ventilator
  • Syringe pump
  • Defibrillator