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Department of Pathology

- Dr. N. P. Tiwari – ( MBBS, MD Pathology ) Consultant Pathology, Blood Bank & Histopathology
- Mrs. Marykutty Jacob – (In charge Tech. Pathology)

Department Consultants & team
- Mr Manoj Kushwaha - (Tech. Pathology)
- Mr Om Prakash Malviya - (Tech. Pathology)
- Mr Shashank Mishra - (Tech. Pathology)
- Mrs Kalpana Singh - (Tech. Pathology)
- Mr Vijay Sonkar - (Tech. Pathology)

Equipment :

  1. Fully automated biochemistry analyzer –EM-200
  2. Semi automated biochemistry analyzer – Chem-7
  3. Automated cell counter
    1. Mindray 3600
    2. Sysmex Kx 2100
  4. Electrolyte analyzer Easylyte

The department of pathology provider diagnostic Services for the indoor and outdoor patients. The haematology section is equipped with latest cell counter and biochemistry section is equipped with fully automated analyzer. The department has quality assurance as a central dogma which is attained by continuous internal quality assurance and validation of test results. We aim to provide accurate, timely and highest quality diagnostic services so as ensure the best possible patient management and care.


  1. Five needle aspiration cytology.
  2. Semen washes for IUI procedure.
  3. Diagnosis and follow up of leukemia patients.
  4. Diagnosis of anemia


  1. Haematology – the blood counts are done by two automated cell counter which gives three part differential counts and 18 parameter readings. Peripheral blood films are interpreted for anemia and leukemia.
  2. Biochemistry – Biochemistry analysis is done by automated machines, electrolyte analyzer for workup of OPD /INDOOR/intensive cure patients.
  3. Serology – the serology section provides a full range of assays including blood grouping serological markers of infectious disease example – HIV, HCV, HBsAg, CRP etc.
  4. Clinical pathology – clinical pathology sections look after investigations involving analyses of urine and stool along with analyses of body fluids such as pleural , pericardial ,exilic fluid,etc. to ascertain the nature of effusion semen analyses is under taken in cases of infertility.
  5. Microbiology – microbiology section provides services for the diagnosis of infectious diseases of bacterial parasitic, tubercular nature.
  6. Histopathology and Cytopathology – Five needle aspiration cytology of lumps/swelling is done.


  1. 100,000+ histopathology samples volume bank available
  2. Installed first transfusion facility in and around 12 districts of M.P. & U.P.
  3. Many couples benefited by IUI procedure
  4. Session students got successful training in the department.