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Department of Surgery

Department Consultants & Team:

  • Dr Sanjay Maheahswari (MBBS MS DNB)
  • Dr Rekha Maheahswari (MBBS MS)
  • Dr Satish Dwivedi (Medical coordinator)
  • Dr Anil Singh (Medical coordinator)

The Department of General Surgery provides comprehensive surgical consultation and care in many subspecialties including colon and rectal surgery, trauma and burn, pediatric surgery, endocrine surgery, bariatric surgery and multidisciplinary hepatobiliary pancreas surgery. Research in the Department of General Surgery has grown tremendously over the past several years. Our clinical and basic science research programs are investigating causes and treatments for various cancers including colorectal, endocrine, hepatic, and thyroid. In addition, novel treatments and nutrition for trauma patients, intimal hyperplasia, and pulmonary edema represent other current research initiatives.

No clinical department at M.P. Birla hospital has changed more in the last twenty five years than the Department of General Surgery. To accomplish our core mission of providing the highest quality patient care, cutting edge research, and an outstanding education to General Surgery residents, Dr Sanjay Maheshwari, MS General Surgery, DNB and Laproscopic Surgeon, came to M.P. Birla Hospital from the Padhar Hospital, DR Rekha Maheshwari, MS General Surgery, to assume those duties.

Surgery department is in existence since the beginning of the hospital (1991). It is the back bone of the hospital. It has created an impact and a BRAND in the society. Department has performed by now more than One Lac major, minor and more importantly life saving procedures. Dr Sanjay and Dr Rekha Maheshwari, couple who are dedicatedly supported the department since last 21 years. They are well-known in and around for his surgical skills and capabilities. And time to time other surgeons like Dr Sunil Agrawal, Dr KC Gupta, Dr Atul Singh, Dr Rajeev Pathak, Dr SP Singh and Dr Rahul Hatondkar has contributed their surgical skills. This department in true sense is a boon for an area which was under developed in terms of service sector 25 years back and right now no super specialty services are available.

The culmination of this recruitment of faculty gives the Department of General Surgery a group of outstanding leaders in senior positions. Within this structure, it is now possible for General Surgery to fulfill its mission of quality patient care, research, and education. It is our hope that our entire faculty, new and continuing members of the Department as well as all of our surgical residents will build on this legacy as we move into the 21st century as dedicated as ever to quality patient care, teaching and research.


Minimally Invasive/Bariatric Surgery
General Surgery at M.P. Birla Hospital has had a rich history in gastrointestinal and minimally invasive surgery for two decades. Dr. Sanjay Maheshwari, in the Section of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery has continued this legacy with advances in bariatric surgery, natural orifice surgery, single site surgery, and surgical pacing for the stomach and diaphragm.

Trauma & Critical Care Surgery
No program at M.P. Birla Hospital benefited as much from new leadership as the section of Trauma/Critical Care. In 2000, Dr Rekha Maheshwari, become Head of Department of General Surgery and Chief of Trauma/Critical Care at M.P. Birla Hospital. Dr. Rekha Maheshwari plans to develop the M.P. Birla Hospital Trauma unit with a primary emphasis on the care of the multiply injured, injury prevention, critical care, and research of injury.

Surgical Oncology
Dr Sanjay Maheshwari, Chief of the section of Surgical Oncology, brings together all of the surgical oncology programs in the Department of General Surgery - breast cancer, melanoma, gastrointestinal, and pancreatic cancer. Patients with solid tumors, breast cancer, oral cancer, melanoma, liver cancer, or pancreatic cancer can come to M.P. Birla Hospital with the assurance that skilled, experienced surgeons are backed by powerful interdisciplinary insights and research.

The insights emanate in part from our renowned Priyamvada Birla Cancer Research Institute where surgical oncologists work side by side with radiologists, medical oncologists, and maxillofacial surgeons to ensure the very best in cancer care.

Colorectal Surgery
Our surgeons specialize in complex colorectal surgery and managing anorectal problems. Our collaborations with gastroenterologists, radiologists, and medical and radiation oncologists strengthen and inform everything we do.

We are treating colorectal cancer as well as minimally invasive colorectal techniques for conditions that include: colon, rectal and anal cancer and polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticular disease, and pelvic floor disorders.